13th Nov 2018

Panelist roster

We are happy to share our detailed panelist roster before the 2nd edition of EPFE!
Panel #1: How to avoid crisis management!
Boyan Boiadijev
Sytske Kamstra (c)
Titus Carole
Panel #2: Wind, rain and the failure of structures… again… and again… and again…
János Kerékgyártó
Máté Horváth (c)
Uwe Runtemund
Panel #3: Is going green really a revelation or just common sense?
Paul Schurink
Teresa Moore
Panel #4: The Touring Personnel’s panel. Logistics.
Bryan Grant
Carl AH Martin (c)
Baris Basaran
Márk Bona

31st Jul 2018

EPFE announces the 2018 schedule

9:00 Registration & refreshments
9:50 Opening
10:00 Panel #1:
How to avoid crisis management! 
Our panel, from throughout the industry, discuss the experiences and the new challenges which came up in the past 10-12 months, amongst themselves and with the delegates, thus, hopefully, helping us all to reduce the possibility of crisis arising.
11:15 Refreshments, a chance to network
11:45 Panel #2:
Wind, rain and the failure of structures… again… and again… and again…
The title says it all… it is tiresome!! After years of discussion internationally, where others have seemingly failed, we want to settle this once and for all. It cannot be that difficult.
13:00 Lunch, another chance to network
14:15 Panel #3:
Is going green really a revelation or just common sense?
A subject which could prove to be advantageous, but also expensive. Representatives from both sides of the argument are open to your input.
15:30 Refreshments, yet more networking, or by now arguing about the panel subjects.
16:00 Panel #4:
The Touring Personnel’s panel. Logistics.
How do they work with it, how can you help?
17:15 Closing
Then, if you were here last time, the bit we are all looking forward to again! If you missed it well here is another chance: From 19:00 dinner and a cup of wine or two, as part of the package…
Followed by some friendly drinks, a chance to put your hand in your pocket and to get to know people even better…

3th Apr 2018

EPFE Announces 2018 Budapest Date

Event Production Forum East (EPFE) will once again attract event and venue professionals to Budapest for its second edition, November 16th 2018.
With interest already high the organisers are keen to build on the success of the inaugural EPFE, November 2017, where over 50 delegates enjoyed discursive panels covering event security, the challenges dealing with different capacity venues, events cultural position in a city / countries priorities, touring and labour movements.
Máté Horváth, EFPE founder and director at DDW Music comments:
“The high level of attendees and discussions exceeded all of our expectations last November at the first EPFE. There was a real willingness to share information and help each other between the event professionals from across Eastern Europe we brought together.
“Positive feedback from delegates, speakers and our sponsors Mojo Barriers made it an easy decision to move forward and we are looking to progress the discussions on some of last year’s topics and introduce new issues affecting us all.”

EPFE was a great Forum to discuss topics around our industry with fellow professionals from the region. There are some issues that affect the whole of Europe, but certainly some challenges that are more particular to our region and EPFE gives us the perfect platform to discuss these.

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